Transforming transport management

What is OPTiMiSe?

Designed specifically for community transport and other community service organisations, OPTiMiSe is the easiest, simplest and most user-friendly booking software on the market with a unique pricing model which has been developed to suit groups of all sizes.


Features and Benefits

OPTiMiSe offers many features and benefits to
community service organisations:

Access anywhere

Access your data from anywhere using just a web browser. Your data is safely backed up in a state-of-the-art secure data centre

No set-up fees

Some suppliers charge thousands of pounds to start using their systems but you can get started today with OPTiMiSe without additional charges

Unlimited users

Enjoy greater flexibility in organising your office, such as working from multiple locations or letting your helpers access their bookings at home

Easy to use

Our mission has been to create the most straightforward booking system on the market. Only basic training is needed to use OPTiMiSe

Flexible pricing

Larger organisations pay one fixed price for unlimited use. Smaller organisations can save money by only paying for the bookings they make

Continuous development

OPTiMiSe is being continually updated to include lots of new features which you get automatically the next time you log in to the system

Time is money

Set up in minutes, OPTiMiSe starts saving you money straight away, incorporating all the tools needed to deliver a first class customer experience whilst saving time and reducing costs

Services we support

OPTiMiSe supports the following types of services:


Book one or more passengers onto trips in your own or helpers’ vehicles

Vehicle hire

An external organisation hires one of your vehicles for their own use, either with or without a driver

Equipment hire

Hire out equipment such as scooters or wheelchairs to your clients


Arrange for a befriender to visit a client where they are living or call them on the phone

Community bus routes

Public bus services using your own vehicles


Pick up prescriptions or shopping for clients, or deliver medical supplies

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Flexible pricing

Unlike other booking systems, OPTiMiSe has flexible pricing
to suit both large and small organisations.

Fixed price

Ideal for larger organisations. Allows unlimited clients, helpers, vehicles and bookings for one flat price of £3,630 per year.

Pay per booking

Perfect for smaller organisations. Pay only for the bookings you make on a pay-as-you-go basis.

Simply buy the number of booking credits that suits your usage. The system will keep track of the credits you’ve used and warn you when you need to buy more. Credits don't expire - there is no ‘use by date’!

How credits are used

  • 1 credit for Befriending, Community bus route, Equipment hire, Group transport, Vehicle hire, Vehicle task bookings.
  • 1 credit for up to 2 passengers on Community car, Dial-a-bus and Dial-a-ride bookings.
  • 1 credit for up to 4 recipients on a Delivery booking.

The more credits you buy the cheaper each credit becomes

Use the slider below to see the price for the number of credits you want to buy.


Credits selected


Note: All prices are exclusive of VAT

Get started today

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